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Jim Jackson is a personal injury attorney in Arkansas.
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As I was leaving my office the other day and turning off the lights, a photo caught my eye. It was of my three children and sits atop an heirloom piece of furniture in my office. I have many pieces from my family surrounding me when I work, because they remind me of the influential people from my youth in Hempstead County. In that moment, I was struck with how thankful I am that I have the opportunity to share with my kids the stories of their grandparents and great-grandparents.

These stories aren't just about fishing trips or the time a group of cousins got into some mischief; they are life lessons. Life lessons that include lessons about hard work and doing the right thing; about making our communities stronger and using our skills to help others. These are all reasons why I chose law as a profession.

Our two dogs, Rascal and Bodie, come to the office with us most days. I'm thankful that we have a place that is pet friendly. Did you know that studies show petting a dog can reduce anxiety? We have observed this first hand. When people visit us and are greeted by the dogs they will often sit next to them on the sofa. The clients relax and are better able to tell us about their situation.

As we approach Thanksgiving, I wanted to say how grateful we are for you, our clients, our friends, and our colleagues, for the support you have given us. Remember, we're always here for you. Just reach out if we can be of service.