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Jim Jackson is a personal injury attorney in Arkansas.
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If we haven’t met before, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Jim Jackson, an attorney with my own law firm in Jackson Law Firm in North Little Rock, Arkansas. I’ve wanted to be a lawyer since college when I interned with the local prosecuting attorney and realized the law can be a powerful tool to help people.  Growing up in a small town in Arkansas, our neighbors and friends helped each other often, but especially when times were hard.  I am proud to carry the values of my hometown to my practice of the law so I can help people in need from all over the state.

In all my years practicing law, nothing fires me up quite like powerful entities that value their bottom line over people’s safety. You may have heard about a recent case involving corporate giant 3M. 3M designed earplugs that were intended to protect our service men and women from hearing damage caused by things like exposure to explosions and gunfire.

3M was told that its earplugs were defective, and this corporate giant should have immediately recalled those earplugs already on the market.  3M could have simply corrected the defect and sent replacement earplugs to our service people. But instead, 3M chose to ignore the defect and the harm the defective earplugs could cause to our members of the military. Because it valued profit over people, 3M concluded it would be too expensive to replace the earplugs.  

Honorably and heroically, our service men and women left their families, friends, and homes to protect our freedoms, and they trusted we were doing everything we could here at home to also protect them. Sadly, this sacrifice didn’t mean much to 3M because it knowingly continued to sell the defective plugs to the Department of Defense. Hauling in a huge profit was obviously the biggest concern for 3M while thousands of our service men and women incurred a lifetime of suffering from hearing loss and Tinnitus.

If you haven’t talked with a person suffering from Tinnitus, it’s tough to imagine what it sounds and feels like, but click here and you can get an idea.

There is little relief for Tinnitus, and the effects have caused deep depression in those suffering within its grip. Their quality of life is greatly diminished through absolutely no fault of their own.

Our servicemen and women are national treasures. They sacrifice everything for us, and we should do everything in our power to protect them. Any active military personnel or veterans who served between 2003 and 2015, who are also suffering from service-related hearing loss or tinnitus, there is help available to you. I am grateful for your service to our nation and am offering you a free consultation. If 3M’s defective earplugs caused your hearing damage, you are entitled to hold them accountable and seek compensation.

Please call me or email me anytime at 501-823-3610 or jim@jimjacksonatty.com. And remember, in your time of need, I’m here for you.