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In our latest newsletter, I shared information about the November 1, 2019, tour of the Vestal Smoke Stack along with a story of a cemetery I am helping to preserve near my hometown. But I also promised you a downloadable on Halloween safety AND one of my favorite Halloween photos.

I was relaying recently a funny story about Halloween. Lisa, my wife, and I adopted our children from China. When our oldest son became ours he was about four years old and upon arriving to the States it was just a bit before Halloween so this was his first American holiday experience. He spoke little English but soon got into the spirit of things. As we went from house to house saying, "Trick or Treat" people would hand out candy, naturally. After just a few houses we didn't have to prompt him, he would run up to the door and get candy. He was smiling ear to ear and looked at us and said, "Adam SO happy!"

Halloween isn't for us about spooks and sweets, it's a wonderful reminder of childhood innocence and joy. We hope your Halloween is safe and filled with magical memories made with your little ones.

Early Halloween for the Jackson kids.
Oldest son is now in college and the other two are in high school.