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Jim Jackson is a personal injury attorney in Arkansas.
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Arkansas has seen unprecedented flooding this week, and we don’t really know at this time what the extent of the damage will be. At TheJackson Law Firm, our hearts go out to our friends and neighbors who are experiencing devastating loss. As an Arkansas injury attorney, safety is always on my mind because over the course of my career, I’ve seen so many people hurting many different scenarios. But, I’ve also seen that knowledge can greatly reduce injuries when faced with floods and other natural disasters.

I wanted to pass along a few extremely important tips that can help keep you and your family safe while the rivers continue to rise. You can read more about them and find additional tips here.  

1.    If you see water in the road, follow the old saying, “Turn around, don’t drown.” It’s simply not worth it to try to cross.As little as two feet of water can sweep a car away and into deeper waters, causing severe injuries and death.

2.    If when driving, you find yourself in water that causes your car to stall, get out of the car and find higher ground immediately.

3.    Don’t try to cross any streams on foot. Six inches of floodwater is enough to sweep a person off their feet.

4.    Be aware of receding waters, as well. All kind of things can be displaced during a flood, including debris and even snakes.

5.    If you’re in an area with the potential for flooding, now is the time to pay extremely close attention to the news in your area and to make sure you have a plan in place if you could be affected.

There are many local nonprofits and community organizations helping Arkansans affected by this devastating flood, including the Arkansas Food Bank and the Red Cross of Arkansas. The breadth of damage is wide, and there is no doubt that Arkansans will do what they have always done – pull together and help each other in their time of need. If you know of a local non-profit with volunteer opportunities, feel free to let us know and we'll help spread the word.