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Jim Jackson is a personal injury attorney in Arkansas.
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When people visit our office I enjoy sharing with them the stories of some of the special furnishings incorporated into the design. Recently my cousin moved and since she was downsizing she shared with me one of our family heirlooms. It’s a beloved clock that once sat in our grandparent’s home. Every Sunday during our youth family gathered there. I remember sitting on the floor listening to the cadence of adult conversation interrupted only by the chime on the hour and half-hour signaling that it was getting closer and closer to grandma bringing out whatever sweet she baked for Sunday dessert.

So for me, the clock represents not only the delicious smell of coffee, the laughter of my cousins, and being surrounded by family who encouraged and loved unconditionally, but all of the life lessons I learned during my youth that have shaped me into the attorney I am today.

In this video you will hear the clock chime and I share another family piece that is a reminder of hard work, honesty, and caring for your fellow person.