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Jim Jackson is a personal injury attorney in Arkansas.

Visit to Lonoke County Courthouse

I had a wonderful time the morning of September 9th, visiting the Lonoke County Courthouse. Olivia was in a volleyball tournament. I dropped her off at 9:30 and her team didn’t play for another hour. I had some work to do so I thought I’d go to the library to try to get it done. I was pleasantly surprised to read that the name of the library is the “Marjorie Walker McCrary” library.

She was a distant relative of mine and I heard a lot about her from growing up in Columbus. I was sitting in the parking lot of the library waiting for it to open when I realize just how beautiful the library and Courtyard are. The Lonoke County Courthouse has one of the best landscaped lawns in Arkansas. Of course it has several majestic Pin Oak trees but the shrubs, manicured grass and Knockout Roses are incredible. You can tell that master gardeners are taking care of the flowers and shrubs. It was so serene to take in the view with hardly any traffic around. I called Lisa to tell her how beautiful it was. Lonoke is a classic small southern town that is still doing well. Lonoke also has many beautiful old homes right in the heart of town. I didn’t get a lot of work done but I’ll know where I’ll spend my down time the next time I’m in Lonoke.